49,90 CHF

The rave doesn’t wait for anyone, you know? Unleash the ultimate party vibes with our exclusive Rave Gift Box!

This crazy Rave Box includes…

1x Holographic Belt Bag „Holy Holo“
1x Mushroom Rimless Glasses
1x Big Neon Hoops
2x Fluffy Scrunchies
1x LED Whistle
2x Rainbow Gummybear Hair Clips
1x Fluffy LED Cat Ears
1x Thigh Bag
1x Bandana Mask „Out Of Space“
1x Neon Mascara
1x Set Neon Pigments (6 Colors included)
2x Holographic Nipple Pasties (2x Hearts, 2x Stars)
1x Ear Plugs
2x Hair Clips „Horn-ee“
1x Face Gems

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